Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I attach the Connector Luer Lock to tubing with rubber ports or Y-sites? 
    Yes, but the rubber port or the Y-site needs to be converted to a Luer lock using an access pin. The Connector Luer Lock fits into all Luer lock connections. 
    You can also use the C80 Y-Site Connector for easy access.
  • Does the Injector fit on to a 1 ml (TB) syringe? 
    The Injector Luer (N30) fits on to all Luer slip syringes and the Injector Luer Lock (N35) fits on to all Luer lock syringes.

  • What does Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say about PhaSeal and needle safety? 
    The Injectors comply with OSHA’s needle safety guidelines. 

  • Can PhaSeal be used on drugs where the package insert states “do not use filter”? 
    Infusion Set C50 is equipped with inline 15 µm filters. Other PhaSeal products do not contain filters.

  • What is the gage of the Injector Luer Lock needle? 
    18 G, (OD 1.20 mm ID 0.90 mm) 

  • What volume of fluid does the 18G needle hold? 
    0.04 ml

  • Can the Injector needle damage any valves? 
    No, the end of the needle does not protrude beyond the Connector Luer Lock. 

  • What is the internal volume of a PhaSeal Infusion Adapter C100? 
    The internal volume of the Infusion Adapter, C100, is 0.16 ml. 

  • What type of material is the expansion chamber in the Protector made of? 
    There are two layers of plastic material, one layer of Polyamid (PA) and one layer of Polypropylene (PP) 

  • Is PhaSeal Latex-free? 
    Yes, all components in the PhaSeal system are Latex-free.

  • Do any of the PhaSeal components contain PVC? 
    The Injector, Protector, Connector and Infusion Adapter C100 do not contain PVC. The Infusion Set C50, the Secondary Set C61 and the Y-Site Connector C80 contain PVC without DEHP plasticiser.The Infusion Adapter, C70, has a 4 cm long PVC tube between the spike and the connection port. All components can be used safely with Paclitaxel.

  • Do any of the PhaSeal products contain silicone?
    Yes, the Injector Luer Lock, N35, has a medical grade silicone seal which does not come in direct contact with the drug during normal use. Silicone is a frequently used material in disposable three-part syringes, These have a silicone seal or are sprayed with medical grade silicone oil for lubrication.

  • What material is the membrane made of? 
    TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) 

  • Do all the PhaSeal components come individually packaged? 
    All sterile products are packed as single units in blisters.

  • How many times can the membranes be perforated? 
    All membranes can be perforated up to 10 times.