Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the PhaSeal system with CLAVE needle free valves?
    Yes, attach the Injector to the Connector by pushing the two membranes together then turning clockwise to lock the pieces together. Slightly lift the latch on the Injector and push the Injector down to engage the needle. Push until only 1/3rd of the clear plastic sheath is visible. The port is now active. NOTE: If there is occlusion when trying to administer the drug, gently compress the Injector and pull back until unrestricted flow is achieved. Never disconnect the Connector from the CLAVE port.

  • Can I use the PhaSeal System with syringe pumps?
    Yes, the PhaSeal system can be used with syringe pumps. Some pumps may need a modified set-up with some sizes of syringes. Contact your local PhaSeal representative for details.

  • Can I use PhaSeal with drugs that come in ampoules? 
    No, ampoules are open and PhaSeal is a closed system for handling hazardous drugs. It is only suitable for use with vials. 

  • Can I use the Assembly Fixture and cap the vials outside the BSC? 
    The local management needs to make a decision from a hygienic point of view about whether the Assembly Fixture will be used outside the BSC. 

  • Can I check for blood return while administering a chemotherapeutic agent via IV Push? 

  • Do I still need to double glove? 
    Follow the local guidelines. 

  • How can I be sure that the Injector needle is in the locked position? 
    Injector Luer Lock (N35) is designed with ErgoMotionTM, a safety system that ensures that the needle can only be activated when the Injector is engaged with a Protector or Connector in a closed system. This eliminates the risk of needle exposure during normal use. With Injector Luer (N30), the red safety latch is in the flat position, parallel to the white part of the Injector.