Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a patent on PhaSeal? 
    Yes, PhaSeal is protected by a number of patents.

  • How long will it take a Pharmacist or Technician to learn how to use PhaSeal and return to their previous work rate? 
    The use of PhaSeal will normally slow down the preparation time for one or two weeks before the staff gets used to the system. According to Poirier et al, J Oncol Pharm Practice, 2004,“pharmacy technicians were able to return to their pre-trial efficiency in preparation after a few hours in a biological safety cabinet. Nursing staff required a few days to experience regimen specific administration procedures. By the end of week two, pharmacy and nursing staff were back to pre-trial preparation and administration times.” 

  • What is the difference between PhaSeal and chemospike? 
    PhaSeal is a closed system with dry connections over double membranes and without any contact to the atmosphere. Neither particles nor vapour escape from the PhaSeal system. Chemospike are open vented with wet connections.

  • Can PhaSeal be used with vials where it states "Do not use Chemopins" (chemospikes)?
    The steel cannula of the PhaSeal Protector makes the system compatible with most of the cytotoxic drugs on the market. 

  • How are the PhaSeal products sterilized?
    All products in the PhaSeal system are sterilized using ethylene oxide except for Syringe Tray M15, Infusion Clamp M20 and Infusion Clamp M25 which are non sterile.

  • Is it possible to retrieve all of the drug from the vial when using PhaSeal?
    Yes, when aspirating the last few mL it is possible to retract the Injector needle in order to minimize the residual drug volume in the vial.