Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have an air bubble in the syringe can I push back into the vial and keep the performance of the expansion chamber? 
    In general, to avoid clogging the filter in the expansion chamber the system should always be pressurized with the syringe vertically above vial and the end of the needle in the air space above the fluid. Try to aspirate liquid back into the syringe with as little air as possible. The slower you aspirate the fewer air bubbles will be created. 

    Small bubbles can be pushed back; the whole assembly must first be inverted so that the vial is vertically above the syringe. 

    If you prefer working fast and need to push air bubbles back into the vial, we recommend that you push them back when you have aspirated two-thirds of the desired volume into the syringe. When you then aspirate the last third of the volume this will rinse the filter and maintain satisfactory performance of the expansion chamber.

  • Can I check for blood return while administering a chemotherapeutic agent via IV Push? 

  • Can vials with the PhaSeal Protector attached be stored in a refrigerator or freezer?
    Yes. Store the vial with the Protector in an upright position and allow it to reach room temperature before use. Make sure to refer to the instructions of the drug manufacturer.

  • How long can the Connector stay on the patient’s IV line? 
    The Connector should be treated as an integral part in the patient’s IV line. Follow the local procedure for IV administration in your hospital. 

  • What IV tubings are compatible with the PhaSeal Infusion Adapter? 
    All lines that fit regular infusion bags will fit the Infusion Adapter.
    NOTE: A non-vented IV set should be used together with the C70 or C100 Infusion Adapter. If a vented set is used, make sure that the air inlet is closed throughout the infusion procedure.

  • How should PhaSeal products components be disposed of? 
    The PhaSeal products should be disposed in the normal chemotherapy waste without taking the components apart. This means that the benefits of the closed system are maintained during the process of waste handling.
  • Do I need to swab the membranes with alcohol before connecting the Injector with the Protector or the Connector Luer Lock? 
    The PhaSeal products are packed in sterile packages. There is no need to swab the membranes before the first use, providing aseptic technique is used. The membranes can be wiped with alcohol, e.g. isopropanol (IPA) pads or swab sticks before reusing the port. Follow the local procedure for parenteral administration in your hospital.