Health Technology Assessment Report by The Malaysia Ministry of Health

Cytotoxic drugs used in the treatment of cancer as well as some non-neoplastic diseases are of immense benefit to patients. However, they present serious risks to those routinely handling them, namely, the doctors, oncology nurses and pharmacy staff. These health care workers are the ones responsible for the drug preparation, handling of waste products and administering the cytotoxic drugs.

PhaSeal is the only close system device approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. It is the only clinically proven closed-system drug transfer device that prevents hazardous drug interaction throughout your environment of care.

BD Phaseal Clinical Evidence

A summary of the published clinical evidence of the effectiveness of the BD Phaseal closed-system drug transfer device (CSTD)

1: Studies evaluating fluid leakage during preperation and administration
2: Studies evaluating vapour leakage during preperation and administration
3: Studies examining the impact of BD Phaseal on environmental contamination
    and exposure of personnel
4: Studies evaluating microbiological integrity and its impact on pharmacy
    cost-savings scenarious
5: Studies evaluating the impact of BD PhaSeal on workflow and staffing