BD (Becton, Dickinson & Company)

BD is a leading medical technology company that manufacture and sell a broad range of medical supply devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. It's headquarter is in the United States and has offices in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Its acquisition of Phaseal device in 2011 is its expansion into medical product with advance protection and safety features to help healthcare workers avoid injuries.

In 2015, BD acquired CareFusion which brings about new ideas and solutions to patient’s healthcare.

BD Medical
• Diabetes Care
• Medication Management Solutions
• Medication & Procedural Solutions
• Pharmaceutical Systems
• Respiratory Solutions

BD Life Sciences
• Biosciences
• Diagnostic Systems
• Preanalytical Systems

For more than 114 years, BD has applied its technologies, resources, and institutional knowledge to help address fundamental health issues.

It’s four strategic global health iniatives are:
1. Providing technical assistance through training and tools that strengthen
    laboratory systems
2. Increasing access to critical technology on a sustainable and affordable basis
3. Investing in new technologies
4. Collaborating with public and private organisations