Pharma Ace specialises in medical devices, pharmaceutical and health related products, and we aim to bring world standard products and services to the South East Asian region. Pharma Ace is the distributor of Phaseal and BioGaia for Peninsular Malaysia and Brunei.

Pharma Ace represents PhaSeal® - the only clinically proven Close System Drug Transfer Device (CSTD) that prevents hazardous drug interaction throughout your environment of care.

We aim to improve the quality of life for healthcare personnel who prepare, administer and handle waste from hazardous drugs. PhaSeal® is the one and only Close System Drug Transfer Device (CSTD) endorsed by FDA and the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Pharma Ace's role as a distributor includes the promotion of occupational safety in the preparation of cytotoxic drugs in healthcare.

The PhaSeal® closed drug transfer concept builds on a unique solution. The system uses a double membrane to create a leakproof connection. In addition, the closed expansion chamber makes the system airtight consequently containing all aerosols, particles and vapours. The expansion chamber also equalizes the pressure within the system.

Although the system uses few components and only one connection interface, PhaSeal can handle most types of IV sets and syringes to enable a totally safe and convenient administration of drugs.

Let us keep you safe – in all phases of handling.
With PhaSeal®, you can focus on the real values.

Pharma Ace also represents Biogaia of Sweden - clinically proven Probiotics renowned for its human Lactobacillus reuteri strain for gut and immune health. Their benefits and safety in use for all ages is documented and supported by series of scientific studies and clinical studies.

Biogaia Drop especially is renowned as the only clinically proven probiotics that can prevent infantile colic . Other benefits include management of regurgitation, constipation, functional abdominal pain , acute gastroenteritis and, support of gastrointestinal health and management of antibiotic- associated side-effects. On adults its benefits on colonisation and effects on the immune system, benefits on gastrointestinal disorders and its safety aspects is well documented .

Their benefits and safety in use for all ages is documented and supported by series of scientific and clinical studies. To date 155 clinical studies have been conducted on almost 13,000 individuals whereof 53 studies are on 0 - 3 years old in 6,600 subjects. The results are published in 90 articles in scientific journals . There are 19 studies published as abstracts of presentations at scientific conferences. (Feb 2014)

GDPMD certification
The Medical Device Act 2012 stipulates that it is a requirement for companies in Malaysia dealing with medical device to qualify for GDPMD status to demonstrate its ability to maintain quality, safety and performance of medical devices throughout the value chain.

Pharma Ace have obtained the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) certification issued by SIRIM-QAS International Sdn Bhd , the leading certification & testing body in Malaysia. The GDPMD certification underlines Pharma Ace dedication to quality and compliance to further strengthen capabilities and service offered to our partners and customers